About Us

Bunker Service

Who We Are

PT. Samitra Tirta Sagara is a Bunker Service Company in Indonesia that provide its services at all major ports in Indonesia. Bunker services are provided to all type of vessels, including container ships, dry bulk carriers, cruise ships, supply vessels, oil tankers, and many more. We boast a long-established relationship with a diverse range of ship operators, marine fuel traders, brokers and other users.

We take pride in ensuring that every deal and physical supply is to the satisfaction of all parties. We select the right partners, offer the best quality products at the competitive price and always ensure that the customer is supplied with the first quality products.

Our focus is to provide quality products and services at competitive prices and bunker delivery during cargo operations to reduce operation time. Our dedicated team of trading and operations are available 24x7 to put their experience, expertise, and knowledge for the service of our esteemed customers.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the regional market leader in the areas of operations, sales, and customer services, to be a high-performace, competitive, well-managed bunkering company with a philosophy of continual improvement, to contribute to the development of the customers and suppliers which we view as our business partners, and to create a constituition of excellence in proficiency and service standards that serves as a global benchmark in the industry.

Our Missions

Our Missions are to provide safe and dependable fuel supplies at all Indonesia ports, to develop relationships with customers and suppliers, to ensure best quality products delivered and on-time deliveries.